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Big In Japan

When I was twelve, I was sure we had an underground cave inside the hill in our backyard. It was there, full of stalagmites and stalactites and an underground lake if I was lucky. All I had to do was find the entrance. But I wasn’t some pre-teen explorer; if I found the cave, I knew I could charge at least five dollars admission. This was not my first get-rich-quick scheme. When I was a kid in Arizona, I was sure the waxy coating inside palo verde seed pods was pure rubber, which, of course, meant they were extremely valuable.…

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Why I’ve Considered Giving Up My Citizenship (Even Though I Don’t Want To)

  At first, I planned to live in Berlin a year, then head back to the US for graduate school. But a year became two, then three, then four. I stayed, fell in love, fell out of love, fell in love again, got married, started a family. I still remember taking my younger daughter to the US Embassy to get her first passport. Only six weeks old, she was dressed in a cow print onesie, complete with little plush horns on the hood. You can see my husband’s hand holding her up in the passport photo. Although my husband and…

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