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Music And What It Means To Me: Words

When I’m speaking German, sometimes I’ll be in the middle of a sentence and suddenly I’m lost in the fog. Words disappear, adjectives smash into nouns. When this happens, I’m sure my Gegenüber assumes it’s because I’m not a native speaker. Little do they know the same thing sometimes happens to me in English.

It’s like my mind is an ocean and words are fish; sometimes they jump eagerly into the nets. Other times they refuse to come to the surface. When I insist, they thrash about, causing me trouble.

That why I love music: it never has to go to the surface. Sure, you can talk about music, analyze it, understand the structure. But when you’re listening, when you’re playing, when you’re singing it’s all about pure direct experience.

Although I mainly listen to jazz and classical, I also add in a lot of hip hop with a sprinkling of folk and country and a dash of rock and old school blues. The only kind of music I truly hate is techno.

On my blog, I want to write about different music, songs and musicians and what they mean to me. If you have a story, please share it. There’s nothing I love more than discovering great new music.

To start, here’s Jacqui Naylor, whose music I discovered a while ago on Spotify. As they write in the article, Jacqui is “very jazz-friendly but far from a rigid jazz purist.” I love how she mixes in different genres from pop to folk to rock, all sung with a smoky, subtly gutsy voice. In my opinion, the best direction contemporary vocal jazz can go in. Enjoy.

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