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Berlin Or Bust

At the dawn of a Trump presidency, I’m sure some of you are thinking about moving to Berlin or somewhere else in Germany. If you need any advice on your options or how to jump through all the inevitable bureacratic hoops, click here to get in touch with the good people at Expath, an organization specializing in helping out expats and expat wannabes with such issues.

Since I’ve lived in Berlin for 17 years, I thought I’d do a series of videos where I talk about some of the cultural aspects you’ll face if you decide to move to here. Here’s the first one I made earlier today:

If you get through the whole video (lots of rambling, I know 😉 ) you’ll notice the last 20 seconds or so are cut off. Since I’m too lazy to redo it, I’ll tell you the German girl said she felt like Americans never listen to her. When I asked her why she felt this way, she said, “Well, they’re always moving their head around so much when I’m talking, so it’s clear they’re not concentrating on what I’m saying.” To her, the American “head bob” signaled a lack of attention or interest. The misunderstanding does indeed go in both directions.

If you have any questions about life in Berlin or Germany from a cultural perspective, feel free and ask. I’ll also think of some other important points and post more videos in the future, so stay tuned.


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