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Awesome, Amazing And Cool

This video gives you a little tour of my apartment and I just noticed the three words I use most often are awesome, amazing and cool. What can I say? I like my life. 😉

Here are a few links to the things I mention in the video:

For art by Christoph Preussmann (not Preussler like I say in the video): click here

For my brother in law’s work, click here

You can read about L’Inconnue de la Seine here and check out different stuff I’ve done with the mask in my etsy shop, Augenblickphoto. I’ll be closing the shop at the beginning of 2017, so buy now, people, buy now.

p.s. The quality is pretty bad, but I hope you still noticed the product placement in the video (hint: it’s the laptop on my desk). If you play the voiceover backwards you’ll also hear, buy Lenovo….it’s so much cooler than Mac…

Oh shit. I wasn’t supposed to tell you that…

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