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How To Fit In In Kreuzberg and Neukölln

I thought I’d share with you why I sometimes fantasize about moving to the country or at least Charlottenburg with this goofy video.

Here are some visuals for what I describe in the video (I literally just had to walk down my block to find these things and I didn’t include every picture I made of the evidence…)

Here’s a slime covered piece of furniture, now beautifully decorated with old pizza boxes. Hurrah!

Wow, what a nice new touch. Instead of cabinets or dressers without drawers, why not provide a drawer without a cabinet or a dresser? Brilliant!

Yes, this is a picture of my street with not one, not two, but three double parked cars. No, they are not just quickly delivering something. People constantly double park in our street all. day. long. Seriously, I don’t get it. Berlin is completely broke, and yet they’re giving up a small fortune in tickets and tow fees here. And it’s been like this for years…

We all know what inside this little black bag. Fido, ew. Your owner’s gross. Poor dog!

RIP, Billy, RIP. Soon you shall ascend to the great big IKEA warehouse in the sky.

I didn’t find any misbehaving bicyclists or piles of ripped up clothing, but I probably just had to go up another block on two to find it.

Oh Berlin(-Kreuzberg and -Neukölln), you certainly can wear a person down, that’s for sure. If only you weren’t so damn cool. 😉





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