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A Few Songs To Celebrate 20 Years

Yes folks, come April I will have lived in Berlin for 20 years. 20 years! It really seems surreal. I never planned to settle down here. I always thought one to two years Berlin, then back to the US for my MFA in creative writing. But then I applied to two programs and didn’t get in and a few years became more than a few years, then many years. The reasons to stay grew and the reasons to go back became less and less.

Berlin was such an insanely cheap city for so long, a city for the lost, for anyone really because Berlin frankly didn’t give a fuck who you were and what you did. You could easily free float for years, for forever, which was both the charm and the curse of the place.

The city is changing now in ways I sometimes find alarming, and yes, some of it has to do with fucking tech (not feeling as generous right now as I was when I wrote this post).

But you know what? I need to get over it. The city doesn’t belong to me. It never did. If it changes too much maybe it will mean, Rebeccah, darling, it’s time to leave. I mean, really, who knows what the future will bring? Since when have I ever lived my life according to a plan?

I have my family, a wonderful group of friends, our fab (rent controlled) apartment we just rearranged, my writing. And I have music. Life if great.

Here are some songs that brightened up my day today.

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