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Astrology & Tarot

Rebeccah got into astrology completely by chance in the mid-90s (you can read the story here if you like).

Although naturally sceptical by nature, the more she learned about it, the more fascinated she became.

Astrology is an ancient, beautiful and intricate system that allows us to define, understand and better attune ourselves with the quality of time–whether on the collective or personal level, the stars reflect our life here on Earth as well as our inner psyche in remarkably accurate and specific terms.

After studying on her own for around six years, Rebeccah completed a two-year training program at Astrologie Zentrum Berlin. In 2019, thanks to the Astrology Podcast, she became interested in traditional and Hellenistic astrology. She has since gone on to study with the astrologers Austin Coppock and Nina Gryphon, both of whom are also accomplished astrological magicians, which is the form of magic she is most drawn to herself. She will also take a course on Hoary astrology at the School for Traditional Astrology in Summer 2021.

In her practice, Rebeccah blends her background in modern, psychological astrology with more traditional techniques to help her clients gain self-awareness as well as a glimpse into what the future might bring. You can find out more about her astrological services here.

Rebeccah started reading tarot in her teens and never looked back. While astrology is in many ways a left-brained, technical pursuit, tarot is very much a right-brained art. The cards communicate in symbols and images; the language they speak is poetry.

In her readings, Rebeccah works with several decks, including the Marseille de Tarot. Although mostly self-taught in tarot, she does admire the work of Camelia Elias who she is currently studying with. You can book a tarot reading here.

If you’re interested in finding out more about her techniques, readings and overall approach, feel free to check out her newsletter and podcast, Age of Air.