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Buy Talismans and Jewellery

In my shop Venus Hour, I sell astrologically timed jewelery and talismans. 

My astrologically timed jewelery is created at times when a planet is particularly strong (i.e. in a sign it rules or its sign of exaltation). I mix stones and herbs which are the nature of the planet into the resin and create the pieces at a time when it is in an angular or fortunate house and free from negative aspects from the malefic (i.e. Mars and Saturn). These pieces are therefore designed to boost and enhance the planetary energy they are charged with.

My talismans are created according to the instructions laid out in the Picatrix, a Medieval grimoire on astral magic. For this, I choose a precise, magical election (i.e. short window of time) when the stars are perfectly aligned for the intention. I then perform a ritual and etch certain images and symbols onto metal or stone, which creates the talisman. These talismans are later added to resin imbued the proper planetary herbs and stones at the corresponding planetary hour.

Since both types of jewelery must be precisely timed over a short period of time, the pieces I sell here are created in small batches and most are one of a kind.


So, this is a bunch of hocus pocus that will get me what I want, right?

Well, yes and no. My astrologically timed jewelry is not likely to have an external effect. What it will do, however, is give you a shot of whatever the particular planetary energy has to offer. For example, when I wear one of my Sun in Leo pieces, I feel more energized and optimistic, which are solar qualities. These pieces can be worn to celebrate planets that are strong in your chart or to strengthen those which are weak or poorly placed, which makes them ideal for remediation.

Talismans, on the other hand, can be wielded to create external change. For example, a Venus talisman can be used to boost attractiveness, increase artistic abilities or find love. However, this doesn’t mean that you put it on and – presto! – that which you desire appears. Although talismans can create change quickly, often their effect is more subtle and/or surprising. They also will not override your own particular nature. If, for example, you have some moon issues in your chart, a lunar talisman will not erase these issues, but it will add in another positive influence that could help you heal.

In my experience, talismans have a mind of their own, which keeps their results surprising.

Will you make astrologically timed jewelry or talisman for my Aquarius sun sign?

No, sorry, that’s not how it works. Astrologically timed jewelry and/or talismans need to be made when a planet is “strong,” which means it is in its sign of rulership or exaltation when it has free rein to be itself and exhibit its best qualities. Please note that this is not a judgement call. I am an Aquarius sun myself, and we are good people! However, Aquarius is the sign of detriment for the sun, which means it is not suitably for a solar talisman. The same will be true for all other planets.

Do you take special orders for particular pieces or talismans?

Yes! However, please note that this won’t always be possible. For example, if you want a solar talisman but the sun won’t be in a place of dignity for six months, then we’ll have to wait until that’s the case. Sometimes talismans and/or astrologically timed pieces also can’t be made because the planet is combust, square Saturn, etc. Still, if you have any particular wishes, please feel free to reach out.