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What Is Remediation in Vedic Astrology and How Is It Used?

Last year, I switched from exclusively practicingWestern Astrology to primarily practicing Jyotish (Vedic astrology) – and remediation is one of the key reasons why I have chosen to do so. Since my clients often only know Western astrology, if they know much about astrology at all, I always have to give a little spiel first explaining what remediation is and what it can offer them. To offer potential clients a little pre-reading info, as well as share my knowledge with anyone else who might be interested in Jyotish and remediation, I thought I’d write this little post.  So here goes.…

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Why Signs Sometimes Change in Vedic Astrology

People who know their natal chart in the Western astrology are often shocked and/or even highly sceptical when they find out their planets or ascendant are suddenly in a different sign in the Vedic system. In fact, I almost called this post “But I’m a Sagittarius, not a Scorpio! (said with a hint of desperation)” This tendency is so strong that I don’t always mention the names of the signs when giving a Vedic reading, especially if the Sun, Moon or ascendant have changed (people don’t seem to be as attached to the sign their Mercury, Venus or Mars are…

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