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My 25 Favorite Books And Then Some

  I’ve loved to read for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, I locked myself in the bathroom on Saturdays with a stack of books and didn’t leave until I’d finished all of them (luckily we had two bathrooms, or my sibling would have probably broken down the door.) Trips to the Nanini Library were something I got excited about. I spent many an hour in this cave in the Haunted Bookstore with a pile of pop-up books—I was pretty sure they were magic. Both of my daughters have inherited the reading bug, which is great. My older…

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What I’m Reading At The Moment

In my reading habits, I’m often polyamorous. Occasionally, a book is like a new, exclusive lover: I can’t wait to start reading. I happily linger in bed for hours, sucked into the story and thrilled with each turn of the page. But most of the time, I read several books at once, choosing whichever one fits my mood. Novels I always finish eventually, non-fiction and short shory collections I finish sometimes. Here’s what I’m chipping away at these days: Der Zauberberg I don’t read enough fiction in German. The first couple of years I lived in Berlin, I hit up…

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