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Sceptic, dreamer, writer, trained opera singer, long-time expat, occultist, goofball, native Californian – these are just a few of the many words that describe me.

In astrological terms, I’m an Aquarius sun with Capricorn moon and Virgo rising: Mercury calls the shots, Saturn is my main man and my lady Venus brings in the joy.

I got the astrology bug completely by chance in the mid-90s and haven’t looked back since.

After studying on my own for around many years, I started a certificate training program in modern psychological astrology at Astrologie Zentrum Berlin, which I completed in 2006.

Although I still value this approach, I later switched to practicing traditional astrology, whose complex, ancient techniques allow me to probe deeper into charts. I have since gone on to study with the astrologers Austin Coppock and Nina Gryphon, both of whom are also accomplished astrological magicians.

In December 2021, I completed the practitioner level course in Hoary Astrology at the School for Traditional Astrology and am currently honing my skills in the art

An eternal student of an eternally rich subject, I’ve now turned my attention to learning Vedic astrology and am currently taking the Year 1 course with Freedom Cole at Science of Light. This course is very challenging and extremely rewarding. I am very much looking forward to offering Vedic astrology readings if I pass the practicum in the fall. In August 2022, I’ll also start the STA Medical Astrology course with Lee Lehman

I have been practicing astrological magic for the past three years and create talismans and materia in the tradition of the Picatrix and Agrippa. I sell some of my talismans and other jewellry at my shop Twig, Star & Stone.

Although I don’t offer tarot readings at this time, I’ve been reading the cards since my teens and am influenced and inspired by the work of my teacher, Camelia Elias.

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You can find my fiction writing here.