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Teachers & Mentors

This page is in honor of the many excellent teachers and mentors I’ve had in my astrology studies and related disciplines. Their teaching and support has not only helped me gain valuable skills, insight and knowledge, it has also been essential for my own personal and spiritual growth and development.

Om gurave namah.

Modern Psychological Astrology

Mark Jehle, teacher and founder of Astrologie Zentrum Berlin

Alexander Graf von Schlieffen, former teacher, current brother-in-law

Traditional Western Astrology

Here I’ve listed what I’ve learned from each of these excellent astrologers.

Austin Coppock, traditional Western astrology, basic Jyotish and astrological magic

Nina Gryphon, astrological magic

Deborah Houlding, horary astrology (School of Traditional Astrology founder)

Dr. Lee Lehman, horary astrology and medical astrology

Wade Caves, horary astrology


Freedom Tobias Cole, teacher and founder of Science of Light (I am currently taking Year 1), traditional Vedic astrology in the lineage of Sri Achyutananda Das

Maggie Hippman, introduction to Vedic astrology (I received a very helpful reading from Maggie and recommend her services)

Cartomancy & Nondualism

Camelia Elias, nondualist and card reader extraordinaire

Folk Magic & Shamanism

Inge Dean, (my mom!)

The countless guides, spirits and ancestors I’ve worked with in the upper and lower world who shall remain nameless here

The Reverend Dr. Aaron Davis

Podcasts/Youtube Channels

Here are some podcasts/YouTube channels I enjoy and have learned a lot from.

The Astrology Podcast

Glitch Bottle

Nightlight Astrology


Foolish Fish